Antstream Launches on Xbox

Responsible for the post-launch strategy of Antstream arriving on Xbox, bolstering Microsoft's game library with 1300+ classic retro console games and fan-favourites such as Mortal Kombat, Star Wars, PAC-MAN and more.

  • Worked with an agency (Kuoda) to manage the Discord server and community - influx of 4000+ new users
  • Grew social media accounts by 600% across three months, created authentic content and giveaways
  • Activated influencers and streamers in both Xbox and Antstream's communities to promote the launch - OutsideXbox being the biggest influencer (2m followers)
  • Liaised with two PR agencies, Stride (US) and Bastion (UK). Featuring in Tom's Guide, Pure Xbox, MCV and more
  • Regularly monitored campaign performance, SEO and paid advertising across Sprout Social, YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Analytics. Lowering CPC by 40% and improved CTR by 20% 
  • Collaborated with Xbox to promote across socials and Xbox Wire
  • Launched on Xbox C2C to widen sales channels such as ShopTo

Antstream x Backbone Partnership

We have teamed up with Backbone to offer a huge 25% off an Antstream 12 month subscription and announce our new partnership.​

"Play an incredible 1400+ retro games directly from your mobile without the need to download pesky roms or emulators. All games are seamlessly and instantly streamed directly to your device, no messing! What's more, game progress is instantly saved in the cloud to come back to at any time, even on your PC, web browser or TV. High scores are also saved globally for your friends and others to try beat globally. Click here to automatically apply 25% off 12 months."

Antstream has been fully tested with the Backbone One on Android, currently we do not have an iOS app.

  • Collaborated with Backbone teams to bring partnership to life
  • Message was delivered via email marketing to select Antstream and Backbone groups
  • Limited-time offer to save 25% using affiliation link that was tracked
  • Clear CTA and landing page navigated to Antstream's website and account registration for end-user

Additional Work